Internet Explorer Changes Packaged Workbooks to Zip Files During Download

Product(s): Tableau Reader, Tableau Desktop
Version(s): All
Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2016

If you do not have administrative rights on your computer, you may encounter problems when you use Internet Explorer (IE) to download a Tableau packaged workbook (.twbx) . The file extension may be changed from ".twbx" to ".zip." If you experience this, use one of the following three options to resolve the issue:

  • Option 1: Download the workbook from a different browser. To avoid this issue in the future, download the workbook from a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Fireforx.
  • Option 2 : Change the file extension of the downloaded workbook. Manually change the file extensions of the downloaded file from ".zip" to ".twbx" to work around the issue. After you have changed the extension to ".twbx," you can open the workbook using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Readers as expected.
  • Option 3: Change the internet options security setting. Change the internet properties security setting for the local intranet zone. Follow the procedure listed below to change the security setting.

Change the internet options security setting

  1. Select Start > Control Panel > Internet Options.

  2. In the Internet Properties dialog box (Internet Options in XP), select the Security tab.

  3. On the Security tab, under Select a zone to view or change security settings, click Local intranet.

  4. Under Security level for this zone, click Custom level.

  5. In the Security Settings - Local Intranet Zone dialog box, scroll down to Enable MIME Sniffing.

  6. Select Disable, and then click OK.

  7. Restart Internet Explorer, and try downloading the workbook again.

Alternative option

In addition to the options listed above, you can request your web server administrator to do the following:

  • Add the directives to the server configuration file or to an .htaccess file on the server:

    Add Type? application/twbx twbx

    Add Type? application/twb twb

  • Add the two lines to the mime types file on Apache:

    application/twbx twbx

    application/twb twb


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