Resolving "Error creating process" Error

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Last Modified Date: 19 Jun 2014

Article Note: This article is no longer actively maintained by Tableau. We continue to make it available because the information is still valuable, but some steps may vary due to product changes.

When attempting to install Tableau Desktop, you may see an "Error creating process" error message like below:

This message typically displays because the Windows operating system (OS) has a problem with the installation process. In this case, the OS is unable to extract specific files it needs from  the Tableau Desktop installation file (tableau.exe) to properly install.
To resolve this issue, you can do one of the following tasks:
  • Create a new temporary folder on the C:\ drive. For example, create a folder called Temp that has the following path: C:\Temp. Edit the TEMP and TMP environment variables to point to this new folder, then install Tableau Desktop again. For instructions on how to change the temporary folder, refer to the following MSDN blog post:
  • Alternatively, you can create a temporary folder on your machine and copy tableau.exe to this new folder.  Then extract the installation files from tableau.exe to this temporary folder so that you can properly install Tableau Desktop.
For example, open the Command Prompt, change directories to the temporary folder you created above and type the command tableau.exe "[path to the temporary folder]"/c. For example, tableau.exe “C:\Users\jsmith\Desktop\TableauDesktopTemp”/c.  After the files are extracted, you can double-click the file with the “.msi” extension to install Tableau Desktop.
Note: In this article, “tableau.exe” is a placeholder name for the actual name of your installation file. For example, a Tableau Desktop installation file may look like “tableau-setup-std-tableau-”.
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