Managing Users in the Customer Portal

Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2016

Your Tableau Customer Portal user type defines what you can see and the specific tasks you can perform in the portal. The available portal user types include the following:

  • Administrator: As an administrator you can see all account activity and pages in the portal, including the Account overview, Cases, Keys, and Invoices pages. Administrators can add other administrator users, grant Case Administrator rights to other portal users, or grant other users access to the account or specific product keys.
  • License Administrator: As a license administrator, you can view other users of the portal account, manage product keys for the account, and open and manage cases.
  • Download Only: As a download only user, you can open and manage your cases, access general details about the product keys for an account, and download version updates to keep Tableau Software up-to-date. If you have been assigned ownership to specific product keys by an administrator, you will have access to just those keys and associated information in the account.

This article discusses adding and editing users, assigning product key ownership, and generating user reports. If you are not an administrator for an account or product key, refer to the Downloading Tableau Products and Listing Your Product Keys articles.

Add or edit administrators or download only users from the Account overview page. You can add a user to multiple accounts, and a user can possess different roles for each account they belong to.

Add a user and set permissions

Step 1

Go to the Customer Portal and sign in with your Tableau username and password.

Step 2

On the Customer Portal home page, click My Account to go to the Account overview page.

Step 3

From the Account overview page, click New User.

Step 4

Type the user’s first and last names, and his or her email address.

Step 5

Select the role you want to assign to the user. For role descriptions, see the first section of this article.

In addition to, and independently of, the role, you can grant the Case Administrator permission. This permission allows the user to view and manage any cases that have been submitted to Tableau in the portal account. This includes cases submitted by other portal account users and the user’s own cases.

Step 6 

Click Create User.

The new user now appears in the list of users, along with his or her specified role.

Edit a user

Step 1

From the Account overview page, click the Edit link next to the user for whom you want to change roles.

Step 2 

Select the user’s role or add or remove Case Administrator permission, and then click Save.


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