Creating Filters with Actions on Dashboards

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Last Modified Date: 24 Mar 2016

When you create a dashboard, you might want to add a filter that applies to all views in the dashboard. You can turn on a quick filter and make it global, which affects other worksheets and dashboards in the view, or you can create a control view to apply the filter only to a specific dashboard.

After you can create a control view, you add a filter action that goes from the control to the other views in the dashboard.

The advantage of a filter action is that it can filter across multiple relational data sources at the same time.

Create a control view

This article uses the Superstore sample data source and assumes that you have already created a dashboard.

Step 1 

Create a new worksheet.

Step 2 

Drag a dimension to the Rows shelf and to Text. For example, use the Sub-Category field.

Step 3 

Right-click the dimension on the Rows shelf and clear the selection for Show Header to remove the left column in the view.

Step 4 

On the Rows shelf, right-click Sub-Category, select Font, and then click the Pane tab. Format the text to encourage users to interact with it. For example. you can format the items in the list to look like hyperlinks by changing the font color and adding an underline.

Step 5 

Right-click the blank area of the worksheet and select Title to display the title.

Step 6 

Double-click the Title bar to open the Edit Title dialog box so you can give the worksheet an actionable title, such as "Click a Sub-Category."

Create a filter action on the dashboard

Step 1 

Go to the dashboard.

Step 2 

Drag the control view you just created from the Dashboard pane to the dashboard. Make sure to position the sheet so others see it and can tell that they should click there first.

Step 3 

Select the control worksheet in the dashboard so that it is highlighted.

Step 4 

On the dashboard view menu, select Use as Filter.

Now any selection on your control sheet modifies other views in the dashboard. This type of filter action affects the underlying worksheets in Tableau Desktop. When you publish the dashboard to Tableau Server or Tableau Public, the action applies only to the dashboard; the other worksheets are not changed.


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