Tableau Quits Unexpectedly or Error "Field [field] which is included for filtering does not exist" Using Calculation as Filter

Published: 22 Feb 2018
Last Modified Date: 28 Feb 2018


When using an aggregated calculation as a filter on a worksheet with "aggregate measures" deselected, Tableau Desktop may unexpectedly stop or the following error occur:

The filtering operation did not complete successfully because of an unexpected error.
Field 'usr:Calculation_734368252571582464:nk' which is included for filtering does not exist

Note: the number in the field name may change.


Tableau Desktop


Option 1:

Select Analysis > Aggregate Measures, then recreate the view. 

Option 2:

Change the SUM([measure]) field on the view to a Continuous Dimension.


When "Aggregate Measures" is deselected, Tableau Desktop cannot create the temporary calculation that it needs in order to properly compute the values for an aggregated calculation.

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