Slow Performance When Launching or Connecting to Flat Files After Upgrading to macOS Sierra

Published: 03 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 09 Feb 2017


After upgrading to macOS Sierra, Tableau Desktop is slow to launch. The following behaviours occur:
  • The icon bounces in the task bar before launching. 
  • Tableau Desktop is slow to connect to flat files, the following message is displayed: ​"Loading data source for the first time..."


  • Tableau Desktop 9.3 and later versions
  • macOS Sierra 10.12


Edit the hosts file on the Mac to include your computer's local network name at the end of the " localhost" line. To find your local network name,
  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences.
  • Click Sharing.
  • Your computer’s local network name is displayed beneath the computer’s name at the top of Sharing preferences, labeled with dashes as:
Computers on your local network can access your computer at:

Using that example, add your computer's local network name to the end of the line of the hosts file like so: localhost Example-MacBook-Pro.local


The local network name and the name associated with the IP address are not the same. 
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