Run Now Option Cannot be Selected or is Unresponsive in Tableau Online Data Sync Client

Published: 04 May 2016
Last Modified Date: 14 Nov 2016


When clicking the "Run now" button to manually run a refresh in the Tableau Online sync client, the button is unresponsive and no refresh occurs. 

Occasionally, the "Run Now" button cannot be selected.


  • Tableau Online
  • Data Sync Client 9.3


  1. Exit the Sync Client and close any open instance of Tableau Desktop.
  2. Launch the Task Manager.
  3. Look for Tableau Online Sync Client process and end it.
  4. Re-launch Tableau Desktop and start the Sync Client again.
  5. The "Run Now" refresh icon should be available.


The "Run Now" refresh icon can sometimes go unresponsive.
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