Not Allowed to Publish Any Project

Published: 14 Mar 2013
Last Modified Date: 02 Jul 2013


You are unable to publish to Tableau Server because of the following message:

Not allowed to publish any project


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server


To resolve this issue, you must be a Tableau Server administrator. 
1. Log in to Tableau Server with an administrator username and password.
2. Click Administration and click Projects.

3. Select the check box next to the project name to verify its user permissions.

4. Click Permissions.
5. Verify the permissions for the user by selecting their name from the Check user permissions drop-down list. A list of capabilities will display summarizing the capabilities the user has for this particular project.

6. If the permissions for that user is incorrectly configured, click Add/Edit Permissions
7. In the Add / Edit Permissions dialog box, select Users, and then select the desired permissions.


This issue occurs when the permissions for the project are not properly configured on Tableau Server.
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