Limiting Action Filter to Specified Marks in a View

Published: 24 Oct 2013
Last Modified Date: 02 Jun 2016


How to limit a filter action to only affect only some marks within a view.


Tableau Desktop


Option 1

When adding an action filter, choose the desired fields by selecting Selected Fields in the Target Fields section.

Option 2

The following instructions can be reviewed in the workbook attached below.
  1. Create a calculated field with IF/THEN logic to specify affected marks. For example:
  2. IF [State or Province] = "California" THEN "TO THE GRAPH" END
  3. Reference this field in the name of the action filter set to run on Menu selection.
    • Calculated Field will return "TO THE GRAPH" as clickable text for the Run on:Menu Action Filter.
    • NULL returns from Calculated Field will not return any clickable text.


The ability to limit action filters to only execute on some marks within a view is not functionality currently built into the product.
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