Incorrect Results are Returned when Running Query from Live SAP HANA Connection

Published: 19 Jan 2018
Last Modified Date: 19 Jan 2018


When using a live connection to SAP HANA, you notice that the results of your queries are incorrect; however such query results are correct when using an extract connection.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server


Try one of the following workarounds:
  1. Avoid using SAP HANA Analytical Views as a data source. Instead, use the original table that the Analytical View was created from.
  2. The pre-aggregation can be removed by doing a “SELECT *” on the Analytical View. This can be done with a Custom SQL data connection (as opposed to direct connection to an Analytical View). For example:
    • Suppose you had an Analytical View named “User/SUPERSTORE_AV”
    • Then the custom SQL would be SELECT * FROM "_SYS_BIC"."User/SUPERSTORE_AV"


Our team is currently investigating this issue (ID: 701404)

From an existing table, SAP HANA can generate a table known as an Analytical View that includes pre-aggregated data. There can be problems when an Analytical View is used as data source for Tableau:
  • Tableau does not expect tables to have pre-aggregated values
  • And aggregating pre-aggregated values can possibly generate invalid results.
Analytical Views can be identified as they are in the schema "_SYS_BIC".
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