Grand Totals Do Not Show for Measure Values

Published: 29 Jan 2013
Last Modified Date: 17 Jan 2018


Selecting Show Row Grand Totals or Show Column Grand Totals in a view that contains various measure values does not cause a Grand Totals column to appear.



Tableau Desktop


To show Grand Totals for measure values, you need to create a calculated field to add the measures together. 

To show Grand Totals for measure values:
  1. In the original worksheet, drag the measure values on to the Text area on the Marks shelf and drag Measure Names to Columns.
  2. Create a new worksheet and call it "Grand Totals."
  3. On the new worksheet, create a calculated field. For more information, see How to Create a Calculated Field.
  4. In the calculated field, add the measures together. For example, [Profit] + [Sales].
  5. Drag the newly calculated field to the Text area on the Marks shelf.
  6. Add the Grand Totals worksheet and the original measures worksheet to a dashboard and align the worksheets so that the Grand Total value from the Grand Totals worksheet is parallel to the measure values.


Tableau calculates Grand Totals only for multiple items within a measure, not across different measure values.  

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