Google Analytics Extract and Portal Numbers Do Not Match

Published: 14 May 2013
Last Modified Date: 21 Oct 2016


Numbers from a Google Analytics extract differ from numbers in the Google Analytics portal.


Tableau Desktop 


Do either or both of the following, as appropriate for your data:

  • Change the level of detail for fields such as unique users, to match that in the connection.
  • If sampling is involved, use fewer dimensions.


Fields such as unique users are calculated per the set of dimensions in the connection.

Google Analytics is different from other supported data sources in a number of ways. One major difference is that Google Analytics provides Tableau with data that has already been aggregated to some degree. Because of this, you may see issues with non-additive aggregates such as unique visits. Although Tableau will use the numbers based on unique visits per day, it cannot differentiate between the same visitor who visits multiple days and a visitor who only visits once. 


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