Errors "The credentials have been updated" Or "Tableau has been logged out by server" Refreshing Extracts Using Sync Client

Published: 31 May 2016
Last Modified Date: 12 Sep 2016


When running the Sync Client application as a service using "Run Continuously" to refresh extracts, you may be repeatedly logged out of the Sync Client with the below messages: 
The credentials have been updated. Please login again. 

Tableau has been logged out by server. Please login again. 


  • Sync Client 9.3.0 - 9.3.2 
  • Run Continuously 
  • Tableau Online


Option 1 Disable Run Continuously.  
1. Login to the Sync Client application. 
2. Select Run only when logged on in the upper right corner. 

Option 2 Switch the Tableau Online user account authentication type to TableauID. See Configure User Authentication for details. 


Currently under investigation.

Additional Information

The issue may only occur when using a Tableau Online user account which is configured for SAML (Single Sign-on). 
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