Error "Worker initialization failed" During Installation

Published: 29 Aug 2016
Last Modified Date: 30 Aug 2016


When upgrading to Tableau Server 9.3.0, 10.0.0 or later, configuration might fail and the following error message might occur:

Worker Initialization failed

Additionally, the following error message appears in the tabadmin.log:

Error getting ZooKeeper state: Errno::ECONNREFUSED:Connection refused - Connection refused


  • Tableau Server 9.3.x, 10.x
  • Windows server
  • Non-default installation location 


Ensure that adequate permissions for the Local Service account are set for the root of the drive where Tableau Server is installed.  



The Local Service account did not have the necessary permissions to complete the installation process.

Additional Information

With Tableau Server 9.3.0 and later, the account used for the Tableau License Service was changed to run under the Local Service account.  In many environments this account is not granted permissions on non-operating system drives. Setting permissions for the Local Service account to "Full Control" will correct this issue.

**In addition to the above, the Run As User permissions should be validated and there may be a need to cleanup the Tableau Server coordination state.
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