Error "unexpected error" or "LogicException: LogicAssert" Creating or Refreshing SAP BW Extracts

Published: 08 Aug 2014
Last Modified Date: 28 Aug 2014


When you try to create a new SAP BW extract or refresh an existing SAP BW extract in Tableau Desktop, the following error might occur: 

Internal Error
An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed.

When you try to refresh a SAP BW extract on Tableau Server, the following error might appear in the Background Tasks view:

com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.LogicException: LogicAssert at C:\builds\tableau-8-2\tableau-8-2.14.0720.2105\tableau-1.3\src\db\CubeDenormProtocol.cpp line 1158: GetQualifiedName(tableName.GetLeafValue()) == m_tableName


  • Tableau Desktop 8.2.1
  • Tableau Server 8.2.1


This behavior is a known issue that has been corrected in more recent releases.
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