Error: "Unable to display web page object" in Tableau 10.2

Published: 03 Mar 2017
Last Modified Date: 22 Nov 2017


Unsecured HTTP iframe contents can't be loaded in view mode, the following error occurs:

 Unable to display web page object (URL must start with https://)

In Web Authoring, the below warning message may display:

Because the server is running HTTPS, the URL for this web page object must be specified using https:// instead of http://



Tableau Online 10.2
Tableau Server 10.2


Ensure the web page object is a secure (HTTPS) URL rather than an unsecured (HTTP) connection.


Web Object functionality in Tableau Server and Tableau Online 10.2 (and newer versions) does not allow embedding unsecured web links in a secured (HTTPS) webpage or environment. This includes SSL-enabled Tableau Server environments.
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