"Unable to determine if the cluster is adequately licensed" Message

Published: 12 Apr 2013
Last Modified Date: 14 Jun 2013


When starting Tableau Server from the Command Prompt, you may see the following error message:

Unable to determine if the cluster is adequately licensed. Run tabadmin licenses for details.


Tableau Server


Check that Server Run As User account permissions are configured as described in the Run As User topic in the Server Help. 


The number of interactors or cores stored in the PostgreSQL database is correct, but Server cannot start due to the lack of permissions of the Run As User account.

Additional Information

  • In many cases changing the Server run As User account to NT Authority\Network Service may resolve this issue. However, in some environments this account could be restricted.
  • In some cases you may just need to reenter the old Run As User account password in the Tableau Server Configuration dialog box (if it was changed). 
  • There could be cases when the Run As User account was properly configured before but it recently was locked or restricted. 
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