Error: "This server is not licensed to connect to..." After Restarting Tableau Server and Attempting to Connect to Data Sources

Published: 15 Dec 2016
Last Modified Date: 25 Sep 2017


After opening a view or attempting to connect to a specific data source from Tableau Server, the following error might occur:
"This server is not licensed to connect to <data source name>. 


This issue impacts the following versions of Tableau Server
  • From 10.0.2 to 10.0.11
  • From 10.1.0 to 10.1.9
  • From 10.2.0 to 10.2.3
  • From 10.3.0 to 10.3.1


Option 1

  • Upgrade Tableau Server to 10.0.12, 10.1.10, 10.2.4, 10.3.2, or newer.  For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Server.

Option 2

  • Ensure that each service name has been correctly set up, particularly Flexnet and Tableau Server License Manager. See Verify Tableau Service Settings for more information.
  • Check that the Tableau Server Run As User has full control permission to the Tableau Server data directory, located by default at C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server. 

Option 3

If this error message appears when Tableau Server has not been restarted after a new product key is activated, restart Tableau Server using the tabadmin command line tool. 

To restart Tableau Server, see the steps below:

  1. Sign in to the Tableau Server computer as a local administrator, either directly or through a Remote Desktop connection.
  2. Open the Command Prompt by right-clicking the icon and choosing "Run as administrator". In the Command Prompt window, change to the Tableau Server bin directory by typing the following command
    • cd C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<version>\bin
  3. Run the following commands :
    • tabadmin stop
    • tabadmin start
    • tabadmin status -v


In versions of Tableau Server 10.0.2 and later, the installation process was incorrectly setting the Flexnet service to 'Automatic' instead of 'Manual' and the Tableau Server License Manager to 'Automatic (Delayed Start)' instead of 'Automatic.'
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