Error: "The Workbook Contains Connections Types that are not Allowed on This Server." When Publishing a Workbook to Tableau Online

Published: 15 Sep 2016
Last Modified Date: 04 Apr 2017


When publishing a workbook with a live connection to a cloud-based data source to Tableau Online, error occurs: "The workbook contains connections types that are not allowed on this server."


  • Tableau Online
  • Live data source connection


  1. Sign in to Tableau Online as a Site Administrator.
  2. Select Settings, and on the Settings page, and select the Allow live data source connection check box.
  3. Make sure that Tableau Online is on your data provider’s whitelist.
For more information, see Tableau Online whitelist IP addresses in the Keep Data Fresh topic.


To use live connections to hosted SQL data, an administrator first needs to complete the resolution steps above to enable it for the site.
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