Error: "TableauException: CRC error" When Publishing a Workbook that Contains Large Files Embedded

Published: 22 Feb 2017
Last Modified Date: 27 Feb 2017


When attempting to publish a workbook with large files embedded (either as a data source, or as additional files such as images, etc, but not extracts) the following error message displays: 
TableauException: CRC error


  • Tableau Server 9.3, 10, 10.1.4
  • Text Files


Option 1

Extract any large data sources and save them as a .tde file(s) from Tableau Desktop and you should now be able to publish, either embedded or not.

Option 2

Depending on the data source, publish by unchecking the option 'Include external files'. While performing this action, ensure the data sources are accessible by Tableau Server, see Share CSV, Excel, or Access files via a live connection for more information.


This behavior is related to a known issue that is currently being investigated by our team.
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