Error "Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates"

Published: 12 Mar 2014
Last Modified Date: 18 Dec 2017


When connecting to Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop, the following error might occur:

Cannot connect to Tableau Server. Please check the server name and port and try again.
Internet communication error: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates (<server name>).

When logging in to Tableau Server in a browser, the login is successful.


  • Tableau Desktop 
  • Tableau Server 
  • SSL


Tableau Desktop on Windows

Work with your local IT team to verify that required root CA and other chain certificates are installed. 
Use the following steps to install the certificate:
  1. Copy the certificate file (.crt) to the computer running Tableau Desktop. 
  2. Double-click the certificate file, click Install Certificate, and then click Next.
  3. Select Place all certificates in the following store, click Browse, select Trusted Root Certification Authorities, and then click OK, Next, and Finish.
  4. Allow the importing of the certificate, and then click OK

Tableau Desktop on the Mac

Work with your IT team to add the entire SSL certificate chain to the Tableau Server configuration. For more information, see SSL in Tableau Help. In this instance, the SSL Certificate Chain File in Step 5 of the Configure SSL section is required, not optional.

Additionally, you can add the root certificate to your computer's keychain to ensure that the certificate authority is trusted by your computer. For more information, see OS X Yosemite: If your certificate isn’t being accepted


This error corresponds to libcurl error code 60, which typically indicates that a CA certificate or some other required certificate in the certificate chain is missing.


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