Error "No Tableau Server user found" Connecting to Data Source or Viewing Dashboard

Published: 28 Jan 2013
Last Modified Date: 28 Jun 2017


When you try to access dashboards or send subscription emails on Tableau Server or Tableau Online, the following error might occur:

No server user found class DataSourceException Unable to connect to server <server name or IP address>. Check that the server is running and that access privileges to the requested database.

When you try to connect to a published data source from Tableau Desktop, the following error might occur:
com.tableausoftware.controller.dataserver.SessionController - Error response. code:401 type:DataServerNoAuth msg:No Tableau Server user found. 


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Desktop using Published Data Sources
  • Data Server


There are two common causes for this issue. Follow the below steps as appropriate to your situation. 

Cause 1: User Permissions (Tableau Server and Tableau Online)

If some users and some workbooks are affected, ensure that either:
The affected users have CONNECT permission to the published data source. See Capabilities you can set on data sources.
The affected workbooks have credentials embedded by the publisher.


Cause 2: Forward Proxy (Tableau Server only)

If all users and all workbooks or data sources are affected, and a forward proxy server is in use, configure the proxy to ensure the exceptions in  Configure for a forward proxy server are specified. Note that this configuration must be done on the primary machine and all worker machines in a distributed environment.


Cause 1: The user does not have permission to access the published data source.

Cause 2: A forward proxy is interfering with Data Server communications. All Data Server communications occur over HTTP.
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