Error "Error from Hive: error code: '0' ... 'ExecuteStatement finished with operation state" When Connecting to Hadoop Table

Published: 04 Nov 2014
Last Modified Date: 25 Apr 2017


When connecting to Hadoop Hive Table, data does not load and the following error message might occur:
Error from Hive: error code: '0' error message: 'ExecuteStatement finished with operation state: ERROR_STATE


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Hadoop Hive


Option 1

Work with your Hadoop administrator to ensure that you have permissions to access the table.

Note: Simply granting permissions to a username may not be sufficient; a directory path may also need to be specified.
For more information, see Directories and Permissions​ in Hadoop's knowledge base.

Option 2

Ensure that the latest drivers are installed and configured correctly: Drivers & Activation.

Additional Information

Other resolutions have been proposed in this third-party community post.

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