Error "Data Engine Error: 8: The pipe has been ended" Making Filter Selection

Published: 12 Sep 2014
Last Modified Date: 30 Oct 2014


When you try to select values in quick filters, the following error might occur:
An error occurred while communicating with data source '<data source name'.
The connection to the data source might have been lost.

Tableau Data Engine Error: 8: The pipe has been ended

 - IPC_NamedPipe::Recv(ReadFile)


Tableau Desktop 8.2.1 - 8.2.3


Option 1

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 8.2.4 or a later version. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Desktop in the Tableau Knowledge Base.

Option 2

Use extracts instead of live connections. For more information, see Extracting Data in Tableau Help.


This behavior is a known issue that has been corrected in more recent releases.
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