Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: bad allocation

Published: 23 Jan 2013
Last Modified Date: 09 Sep 2016


When refreshing data extracts, the following error message might occur:

Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: bad allocation


Tableau Desktop



  • Review your workbooks to make sure they include only the information needed to display the view.
  • Upgrade to a 64-bit computer to take advantage of the most memory (see Additional Information below).


The workbook is requesting more memory than is available.

Additional Information

  • In 32-bit Windows systems, programs can access 2GB of virtual address space (process memory), or up to 3GB when the /3GB switch is used during system startup.

    Tableau Desktop is a 32-bit, Large Address Aware application. In 64-bit Windows systems, such applications can access the maximum 4GB of virtual address space allowed per 32-bit process.

  • When Tableau Desktop requests memory, it must be able to address the full size requested as a contiguous block. The memory requested must be contiguous, which is why some machines with a lot of available memory may see “out of memory” errors if the contiguous address space is not available.
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