Error 'Worker initialization failed" Installing Tableau Server Without Worker

Published: 17 Apr 2015
Last Modified Date: 27 Dec 2016


When installing Tableau Server without a worker, the following error might occur in the Tableau Server Configuration utility:
Worker initialization failed.
See the tabadmin.log for details.
Additionally, the tabspawn.exe process might also close unexpectedly with the following error message:
tabspawn.exe has stopped working



Tableau Server 


Ensure that both the user installing Tableau Server and the Run As User have the required permissions to install in the installation directory. For more information, see Required Run As User Account Settings.
Ensure that Tableau files and folders do not have the "Read-Only" attribute selected. For more information, see File and Folder Permissions at Microsoft TechNet.


This error may occur if both the installing user and Run As User do not have the required permissions to install Tableau Server in the installation directory, or if Tableau files and folders are marked "read-only".
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