Using Japanese Postal Codes

Published: 10 Dec 2015
Last Modified Date: 14 Dec 2015


How to use Japanese postal codes in Tableau Desktop.


Tableau Desktop 9.2 and later versions


Tableau Desktop recognizes only the first three digits of Japanese postal codes. The following instructions demonstrate how a calculated field can be used to display only the first three digits of a seven-digit postal code.  
  1. In Tableau Desktop 9.2 or later, connect to a data source that has seven-digit Japanese postal codes.
  2. In the Data pane, right-click the postal code dimension and select Change Data Type > String.
  3. Click Analysis > Create Calculated Field and create a calculated field to split the first 3 digits from the remainder of the postal code. For example: 
    LEFT([Postal Code],3)
  4. Right-click the new calculated field and select Geographic Role > ZIP Code/Postcode.
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