Considerations when Upgrading Tableau Desktop

Published: 02 Apr 2013
Last Modified Date: 04 Jul 2013


When a new release of Tableau Desktop is available, here’s what to consider before you upgrade to the new version. Specifically this article discusses upgrading from version 7.0x to 8.0x.


The most important consideration is compatibility. For example, Tableau Desktop 7.0 cannot open workbooks that have been saved from Tableau Server 8.0.

Similarly, workbooks that are saved from one version of Tableau Desktop cannot connect to published Tableau Server data sources in a different version of Tableau Server. For example, a version 8.0 workbook cannot connect to a version 7.0 Tableau Server data source. If your workbooks rely on the published data sources, and you want to continue to use them after upgrading, you will need to upgrade Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server at the same time.

Calculations that you create in a 7.0 workbook still work when you open and save the workbook in Tableau Desktop 8.0. However, remember that you cannot save workbooks from 8.0 and still use them in 7.0. If a workbook is needed in both versions, save it from Tableau Desktop 7.0 with a new name, and use the new workbook in Tableau Desktop 8.0.

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