Troubleshooting Ticket Value of -1 by Using vizql-*.log

Published: 05 Aug 2013
Last Modified Date: 09 Apr 2014


How to troubleshoot a trusted authentication ticket request that returns a ticket value of  -1 by using the vizql-*.log file. 


  • Tableau Server
  • Trusted authentication


  1. Change vizqlserver.trustedticket.log_level from info to debug as described in the Troubleshoot Trusted Authentication topic in the Tableau Help.
  2. Restart Tableau Server using tabadmin or Tableau Server Monitor.
  3. Get a ticket. For more information, see Get a Ticket from Tableau Server in Tableau Help.
  4. Go to the vizqlserver folder under C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs and open the most recent vizql-*.log file.
  5. Go to the final Attempting standard ticket creation using the following paramters line in the file. (Note: the typo in the search criteria is intentional.) Parameters of the ticket request will be listed below and may indicate why a ticket was not created.
  6. After identifying the trusted authentication issue, revert vizqlserver.trustedticket.log_level from debug to info to avoid excessive logging.

Additional Information

  • If you see an "Invalid user" message in the log file and a user exists on Tableau Server, in most cases the user does not have permissions to the site specified in the ticket request.
  • If a site was not specified in the request, the ticket was created for the Default site.
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