Resetting Map to a Default Position

Published: 16 Jan 2014
Last Modified Date: 23 Feb 2017


How to reset a map to its default position. 


Tableau Desktop


To quickly reset the axes so they automatically zoom the view to all of your data, click the Reset Axes button User-added image on the view toolbar.

Additional Information

Tableau Desktop contains functionality that can alter the position of a map. This issue can occur when the map view is pinned or locked to a specific range. In the screenshot below of Tableau Desktop 8.3, the blue pin indicates that the Reset Axes button is active and the view is fixed or pinned. Clicking the angled blue pin resets the view and allows the map view to change depending upon where the data occurs. In Tableau Desktop 9 versions, the vertical pushpin indicates a fixed or pinned view, with the horizontal pushpin indicating a flexible view.

For more information, see Pan and Zoom in Tableau Help.

View in Tableau Desktop 8.3
User-added image

View in Tableau Desktop 9.3
User-added image

Other worksheet options can also affect the way a map appears. Clearing or disabling the options that can affect the map positioning will reset the map back to its default position. 
Sometimes, scroll bars appear on a map to compensate for the shift in position. You can use the same solution to remove the scroll bars from the map.
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