Managing Data Driven Alerts in Tableau Server

Published: 13 Feb 2018
Last Modified Date: 06 Mar 2018


Apart from at a Server or Site level, is it possible to control who can and cannot set Data Driven Alerts at a user, group or role level?


Tableau Server


Tableau Server does not yet provide the capability of controlling who and who cannot set Data-Driven Alerts, at either user, group or role levels. 

As a partial workaround, you may revoke the "Download Image/PDF" permission. Performing this action will stop a user’s Data-Driven Alerts task; however please note that any subscription(s) will be sent without an image (this is because this specific permission controls both Data-Driven Alerts and Subscriptions). 

Additionally, the default notification frequency for Data-Driven Alerts is "Daily at most". For example, Data-Driven Alerts will not email more than once a day, even if some users have multiple dashboards on a 15 minutes refresh schedule. Tableau Server's backgrounder is optimized to not evaluate alerts before it is time to email the users, minimizing the impact on Tableau Server.
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