Linking to Google Maps

Published: 03 Apr 2017
Last Modified Date: 09 Mar 2018


How to link to Google Maps from Tableau Desktop. 


  • Tableau Desktop 
  • Google Maps


This example uses Superstore Sample data and links to a Google map by zip code.
  1. In your browser, navigate to Google Maps and search for a zip code to get a generic Google Maps URL. For example:,+WA+98103/
  2. Open Tableau Desktop and connect to Superstore sample data.
  3. Drag State to the view. 
  4. Drag Postal Code to Detail
  5. Drag Profit to Color
  6. Select Worksheet > Actions.
  7. Select Add Action > URL 
    • Name the action Zip Code
    • Under Run action on, select Menu.
    • In the URL text box, paste the Google Maps URL. Replace the existing zip code and city information with your zip code field. For example:<Postal Code>/
  8. Click Test Link. If the link successfully opens a Google map, click OK in both dialog boxes.
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