Hiding Underlying Data

Published: 22 Mar 2013
Last Modified Date: 09 Aug 2017


How to hide the underlying data when sharing a workbook.


Tableau Desktop


Use one of the following workarounds:
  • Publish the workbook to Tableau Server, and deny permission to view underlying data to relevant users. For more information, see Publish a Workbook in Tableau Help.
  • Hide unused fields, and then create an extract. Hidden fields are automatically excluded from the extract. For more information, see Hide or Unhide Fields and Extracting Data in Tableau Help.
  • Use an aggregated extract. Aggregating data prevents users from seeing row-level data for aggregated fields. For more information, see Aggregated Extracts in the Tableau knowledge base.

Additional Information

  • When using Tableau Reader, you cannot access the underlying data.
  • To voice your support for the inclusion of this feature in a future product release, add your vote to the following Community Idea: Allow download of summary but not underlying data
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