Embedding Tableau Server Views into SalesForce1 Mobile Application

Published: 03 Sep 2014
Last Modified Date: 19 Oct 2017


How to embed Tableau Server views into the pages of SalesForce1 mobile application.


  • Tableau Server
  • SalesForce1


Work with your Salesforce administrator to create the necessary pages and include embedding code for Tableau Server views.

Additional Information

There are multiple ways to embed Tableau Server views into web pages:
  • Add ?:embed=yes flag to the URL and insert the URL into an iframe.
  • Use JavaScript code. For more information, see Share Views.
  • JavaScript API is the most comprehensive way to embed views which allows interactions with the view directly from code. This way provides a lot of extra capabilities, however usually takes some time to implement 
Additional items to consider while embedding Tableau Server views:
  • Authentication: Unless users expected to provide their Tableau Server username and password, one of the additional solutions should be implemented: Guest account, Trusted Authentication or SAML authentication (only if mobile devices support SAML)
  • Screen size: Since users will be accessing view from mobile devices, views on Tableau Server should be designed to have less elements, to accommodate the smaller screen size.
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