Displaying Row Labels for Each Row in a Crosstab View

Published: 01 Apr 2014
Last Modified Date: 03 Mar 2018


How to display row labels on each row of a crosstab view, instead of using grouped row labels.

For example, view with grouped row labels:
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View with repeating row labels:
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Tableau Desktop 


  1. Open Tableau Desktop and connect to Superstore sample data.
  2. Drag the Category and Sub-Category dimensions to the Rows shelf.
  3. Double-click Sales in the Measures pane.
  4. Ctrl-click Category and Sub-Category in Dimensions, right-click the highlighted fields, and then select Create > Combined Field.
  5. Drag the combined Category & Sub-Category field to the far left on Rows.
  6. Right-click Category & Sub-Category on Rows, and then clear Show Header.

Note: The combined field must produce a unique value for each row in order to repeat the header in every row.

To view these steps in action, see the video below:

Additional Information

  • Depending on your version of Tableau Desktop, the fields might be named Department and Category instead of Category and Sub-Category. 
  • Using this option will disable the sort option for the first column. 
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