Creating a Button to Select All Filters in a Dashboard

Published: 30 Sep 2016
Last Modified Date: 20 Dec 2016


How to create a "reset button" to select all filters in a dashboard. 


Tableau Desktop


To view each step in action, see the accompanying videos.

Step 1: Create the view 

This example uses Superstore sample data.
  1. Place Category on Rows.
  2. Place Measure Names on Columns
  3. Place Measure Names on Filters.
  4. In the Filter [Measure Names] dialog box, select Discount, Profit and Sales, then click OK. 
  5. Place Measure Values on Text
  6. In the Dimensions pane, right-click State and select Show Filter.
  7. Repeat the above step for Order Date and Ship Mode
  8. Name the worksheet View. 

Step 2: Create the Reset Button

  1. Select Analysis > Create Calculated Field
  2. Name the field Reset.
  3. Enter the following calculation, then click OK: 
    "Reset Filters" 
  4. Select Worksheet > New Worksheet.
  5. Name the worksheet Reset Filters. 
  6. On the new worksheet, place Reset on Rows.
  7. Select Shape from the Marks card and choose desired shape.
  8. Right-click Reset in the view and select Hide field labels for rows.

Step 3: Create the Dashboard

  1. Select Dashboard > New Dashboard.
  2. Place both worksheets on the dashboard.
  3. On View, click the drop-down arrow and select Filters > State
  4. Repeat the above step for Order Date and Ship Mode

Step 4: Create the Action 

  1. Select Dashboard > Actions.
  2. Choose Add Action > Filter.
    • For Run action on, choose Select.
    • For Source Sheets, select Reset Filters.
    • For Target Sheets, select both Reset Filters and View.
  3. For Target Filters, select Selected Fields.
  4. Choose Add Filter.
  5. Choose Field: State and click OK.
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 for YEAR(Order Date) and Ship Mode
  7. Click OK

Clicking Reset will now clear all filter selections.


Additional Information

  • Disregard the "Missing fields" warning message.
  • To apply the above solution to an existing dashboard, follow only steps 2 and 4, replacing the target sheets and target filters with the sheets and filters in your dashboard.
  • You can also use these steps to clear the All selection. To do so, create a new calculated field at the end of Step 2 and add it to the Detail card of the Reset sheet. Use the following formula: " " 
  • Please note that if a view is already filtered by default, using these steps in this article will not work as the action re-selects "All" filters. 
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