Create Crosstab Excel Output from Tableau with Dimensions on each row

Published: 21 Jan 2014
Last Modified Date: 04 Nov 2016


How to create an Export Crosstab to Excel with each row containing every dimension name


  • Tableau Professional
  • Excel


The following instructions can be reviewed in the workbook attached below.
  1. Add the desired dimensions to the Rows shelf.
  2. Go to Analysis > Create Calculated Field. Name the new calculated field "Index" and in the Formula field, enter Index().
  3. Place Index on the Rows shelf.
  4. Right-click on Index in the Rows shelf and select Discrete.
  5. Right-click on Index in the Rows shelf and select Edit Table Calculation...:
    • Under Compute using, select Advanced....
    • Move from Partitioning over to Addressing each dimension on the Rows shelf, in order from left-to-right.
    • Select OK.
  • Move Index to the left most position on the Rows shelf.
  • The view should now be partitioned by Index and an export of the crosstab to Excel will display each dimension for each row.
To turn off the headers for Index field, if this field is not desired in the output to Excel, right-click Index on the Rows shelf and clear the Show Headers selection. 
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