Comparing Two Date Ranges from the Same Data Set on One Graph

Published: 12 Apr 2013
Last Modified Date: 08 Dec 2016


How to compare two date ranges from the same data set on one graph.


The following instructions use the Sample - Superstore data source.
  1. Create a calculated field for the first date range. The example below uses the year 2012:
    date(IF year([Order Date])=2012
    THEN [Order Date]
  2. Create a calculated field for the second date range. The example below uses the year 2013:
    date(IF year([Order Date])=2013
    THEN [Order Date]
  3. Place both calculated fields on the Columns shelf, selecting Continuous, Exact Date.
  4. Right-click the second date range and select Dual Axis.
  5. Drag Sales to Rows.
  6. Drag Order Date on the Color on the Marks card for All.
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