Sending Large Files to Tableau Support

Published: 12 Feb 2016
Last Modified Date: 03 Nov 2017


How to send large files to Tableau Technical Support.


Option 1: Use the Customer Portal
  1. Sign in to the Customer Portal using your Tableau user name and password.
  2. On the Customer Portal homepage, click My Cases. 
    Choose My Cases
  3. If you’re uploading files for an existing case, select the case from the list.
    Select your case from the list.
  4. If you have not yet created a case with Tableau Support, see Submitting a Case From the Customer Portal.
  5. Click Upload Files. 
    Click upload Files.
  6. When the Welcome dialog displays, click OK.
  7. Browse to the file you want to upload, and click Open.
    Click Open to add the file.
  8. Type a description of your file in the Description field. You can also click the + (plus) button to add files or the - (minus) button to remove any selected files. 
  9. Select the file(s) you want to upload, and click the folder with green arrow icon to upload them. 

Click the folder with green arrow icon to upload your file.


Option 2: Use the Secure File Transfer Site
If you do not have access to the Customer Portal, or need to send a file larger than 2 GB, use the following process to transfer the file to the Tableau Secure File Transfer site.

Note: In order to correctly match uploaded files to their corresponding case, and thus provide faster resolution, it is important that the case number is provided in the Message field of your upload.
  1. Open a browser window and go to
  2. Provide your name, email address and organization. 
  3. Enter the case number in the Message field. If you do not yet have a case number, note the approximate time and date the case was submitted.
User-added image
  1. Add the desired files following the on-screen instructions. This step might take some time depending on the size of the file. Once complete, click Send these files. A success message like the one below will be displayed when the file has been sent. 
User-added image

Note: This method may be used for files up to 10 GB in size. If you need to send files larger than 10 GB or need to use FTP, let our technical support team know.
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