Activating Tableau Server in a Disconnected Air-Gap Environment

Published: 03 Jan 2014
Last Modified Date: 03 May 2017


How to activate Tableau Server in a disconnected (air-gap) environment.


  • Tableau Server
  • Air-Gap/Disconnected Computer


  1. On the computer that is disconnected from the internet, follow steps 1-4 described in Activate Tableau Offline and save the generated offline.tlq file. 
  2. On a separate computer that is connected to the internet and is capable of sending files via email, download the Server activation template 64 bit.tlq template that is attached to this article.
    The file is a simple XML file.
  3. Open both offline.tlq and Server activation template 64 bit.tlq in an XML text editor, such as UltraEdit, Sublime, or Notepad++ to allow the file to visually display line numbering
  4. Update the following XML elements in Server activation template 64 bit.tlq with the values for the same elements in offline.tlq on the disconnected computer. Use all caps for any letters.

    Line 2 - <EntitlementId>
    Line 5 - <ClientVersion>
    Line 5 - <MachineIdentifier>
    (Optional: This XML element might not be present in some circumstances.)
    Line 11 - <Value>
    Line 12 - <Value>
    Line 14 - <SequenceNumber>
    Line 60 - <Hash>
  5. Rename Server activation template 64 bit.tlq to offline.tlq.
  6. Upload the edited template (offline.tlq) to the Activating Tableau Offline website.
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