Activating Tableau Desktop in a Disconnected Airgap Environment

Published: 17 Jul 2013
Last Modified Date: 01 May 2017


How to activate Tableau Desktop in a disconnected (air gap) environment.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Computer disconnected from the Internet (i.e., an air gap environment) 


  1. On the computer that is disconnected from the Internet, follow steps 1-4 described in the Activating Tableau Offline article. Make sure to save the offline.tlq file.  
  2. On a separate computer that is connected to the Internet and is capable of sending email, download the attached Desktop offline.tlq template file (32-bit Tableau Desktop) or Desktop offline_x64.tlq file (64-bit Tableau Desktop). 
    Note: This template is a simple XML text file. 
  3. Open the template file using a text editor like Notepad, UltraEdit, Sublime, or Notepad++. 
  4. Replace the following values in the template file on the computer that is connected to the Internet with the same values from offline.tlq file on the computer that is disconnected from the Internet.
    Note: XML elements and values are case sensitive.

    If you are using a text editor that displays line numbers, replace the values located at the following lines with the values from the offline.tlq file: 
    • ​Line 2 - <EntitlementId> 
    • Line 5 - <ClientVersion> 
    • Line 5 - <RevisionType>
    • Line 5 - <MachineIdentifier>
    • Line 11 - <Value>
    • Line 12 - <Value>
    • Line 14 - <SequenceNumber>
    • Line 36 - <Hash>

    If you are using Notepad, replace the values in between XML elements in the template file with the values from theoffline.tlq file:

    • <EntitlementId>XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX</EntitlementId>
    • <ClientVersion>XX.X.X</ClientVersion>
    • <RevisionType>XXX</RevisionType>
    • <UniqueMachineNumber><Type>1</Type><Value>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX</Value></UniqueMachineNumber>
    • <UniqueMachineNumber><Type>2</Type><Value>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX</Value></UniqueMachineNumber>
    • <SequenceNumber>XX</SequenceNumber>
  5. Rename the template file to offline.tlq. 
  6. Upload the template to Activating Tableau Offline.
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